Friday, 9 January 2015

matched betting

notes to self on an abandoned blog post page...

"Any Google search will bring up matched betting sites, such as and They will pinpoint virtually every single free bet offer available. They also give you a list of the best qualifying bets related to the various bookmaker promotions. You are told how much to bet, which bookmaker to place the transaction with, how much to "lay" with Betfair, and what your overall profit will be. They will also let you know if your partner can access the free bets, too."
"While there are different promotions available, I tended to avoid ones larger than free £50 bets– because the larger the bet, the more strings attached, such as convertibility.

For example, some online sports books may offer the matched betting to only
  • new players, and only to discover there is a turn over of 3X or greater before they can withdraw. In other cases, sports books that also promote online casinos or poker, may  add terms to the matched bet whereby the
  • free bet winnings can only be converted over to other games before withdrawing.
Thus the bookies are using this to entice new players or winback of lapsed players, and keep the money in the house by increasing the probability of losing the money in an online poker game, or in the casino, or better yet, having to turn over the money X fold on other wagers…all significantly increasing the probability you lose the free money."
"It’s also a good idea to check the terms and conditions, because sometimes you might find hidden strings there. Keep track of all your bets, as well as all the usernames and passwords you create in a spreadsheet or a notebook." looks the most sophisticated at a glance has 46 offers and

or just try search engines"free+bet""free+bet"&cc=gb"free+bet"
List of sites to avoid - matchedbook bad on any but the biggest market; stan james, coral, and totesports bad. - can be set for just UK ones

My hunch is that matching is possible with sports and event bets, but not with roulette or bingo, but I could be wrong. My hunch is that the gambling sites with a P2P element are the best places to find a match; the guides seem pretty sure of this. Bitcoin sites might do even better. Cashback on these various sites is good, with the mainstream P2P markets the best places to note at the top of a list. The Guardian article says that the free offers run-out; you can make £20 an hour for a while but then get nothing. (If the style of this reads as notes-to-self, that's because it is a set of notes to self, but written on an old post of a blog to promote the shop that sells vegan shoes online, mainly made in the uk.)

This one has a step-by-step guide. The first is jargon. I am on to the second about Betfair, the largest supplier of bets the other way ("lay bets" in the jargon, apparently) which isn't the cheapest but will probably have to be used. You'll notice that I post afffilate links to Betfair; if you can find some way to sign-up through a free introductory offer, that might be better. You can join the schemes - Topcashback & Quidco - through the links below.
The site has a nifty way of finding the exact bet and match on eg betfair and one of a dropdown list.

The cashback sites have offers on casinos: Betfair: TCB; Betdaq: Immutual; Smarkets; none.
Topcashback plus is a special deal for people who expect to earn more than £100 a year on its site
(£5 membership + hassle of cancelling - extra 5% on earnings and quicker payouts / customer service)
I don't know why my notes also list cashback site links to sports bookmakers below - why separate?

Looking at the betting markets, most of the events seem to be a month or more away - like who will be president of the USA. I suppose that's an extra reason to bet on sports. There is a sports betting calander links to

Both give an idea of what people are gambling on although I am still not sure. It says things like "wimbledon" and "Iceland v France" so I suppose a google would help.

  • £35 cashback + 343 shares
    888 Sport

  • £17.50 cashback + 420 shares

  • -

  • £21 cashback + 200 shares

  • up to £20 cashback + 300 shares
    Betfair sports

  • up to £15.50 cashback + 150 shares
    Football Pools

  • -

  • £20 cashback + 200 shares

  • £7.50 cashback + 200 shares
    Paddy Power Sportsbook

  • SeanieMac Suspended

  • -

  • -
    Victor Chandler (VC Bet)

  • -

  • £20 cashback + 320 shares

    10Bet Sports Cashback Exclusive
    Exploding onto the online sports bookmaking scene in 2003, 10Bet has quickly established itself as one of the premiere international bookmakers in the - search for their ".../sportsbook" url & heading. Joining through this link can earn you £1 .

    Betfair Sportsbook FASTER PAYING

    £10 cashback Exclusive

    Ladbrokes Sportsbook

    £30 cashback Exclusive


    £50 cashback

    Titan Bet Casino

    £26.50 cashback Increased

    Football Index

    £12 cashback


    Up to £25 cashback

    10Bet Sports

    £10 cashback - nothing shows for gambling and their offers of a few pence for surveys all end "no surveys available" after getting a bit of free information - UK - more fancy than the mainstream - 2%
    I- click for no money T- no Q-
    Matchbook of Alderney charges 1% for loosing or winning. US sport and some UK?
    I- T- Q- - Alderny and Dublin - now merged with Ladbrooks and charge 5% of winnings
    I- T- Q- - UK - now merged with Paddy Power  and charge 5% of winnings
    I- T- Q- - NZ

    Searching for the names together leads to this guide

    Software called Geekstoy is free for Betdaq and Matchbook, but using it uses-up your free trial for Betfair which appears to be where most of the bet matches are found, to judge from the freebets4all site.

    Just some notes in progress about bitcoin

    The accounting system suits currency conversion, gambling sites, and P2P lending. I am not quite sure why that list comes to mind but low transaction costs and free accounting are probably part of it.


    Accouting system behind these betting sites - list on the right - Dublin - Bitcoin "prediction" - 108 sport events - fees - OK review -
    /us/deposit-bonus/ - $35 signup bonus or €18 for a deposit now has minimum $300 withdrawal even by bitcoin. Previously in Simonblogspark
    Cloudbet - players from my juristiction are forbidden - 5BT loyalty bonus if I can find a way
    Betmoose - same
    Anonibet - same - same

    Where to buy bitcoin with pounds

    Coinbase - easy but expensive; can't convert back to pounds
    Uphold - better - other services make it a steeper learning curve but not very steep - finds cheap; harder sellers to use - same

    Square - some kind of software you can download to become trusted on these sites - not XP

    bitcoin lending google search - reviews found on the google search

    Bitbond - tried it - returns of 12% on dollar loans and minus 16% on BTC loans

    Bitcoin value

    Has gone up, then down, then up. It is a pattern like commodity prices, suggesting that the thing is often used for commodity trading with the same tendency towards bubbles and busts. There is also a value for use in transactions, and nobody knows what this is.

    Oh, here are some notes lost and found....

    Bitcoin to pounds without buying anything £30 fee

    Coinbase - used in the past but now charges 3% + verification + time to transfer to a UK bank account

    Uphold - not sure - app doesn’t fit on old androids - says “free” a lot - OK place to buy bitcoin

    Bitsquare - P2P with a downloaded app, sometimes comes high on the list at

    Bitcoin to shops by scanning a QR code to a bitcoin wallet

    Not sure - maybe coinbase is fine
    Uphold doesn’t work on my phone
    Loads of other wallets

    Bitcoin to my shop

    Just provide an address

    Pounds to Bitcoin compares prices lets you personalise a bitcoin address as in ip to url


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