Thursday, 26 March 2020

Ventilator and mask production

...links to the forms to tell UK government about any
  • ventilator parts you make, or
  • mask production capacity that you have. It also asks about office hotel and industrial space, transport, social care, and food.
The questions on the forms are copied-out on the page, so you can see them without having to go through an online form writing "test" in each box just to see what the questions are.

Above my head are the instructions for helping with or their collaborators - this picture is from one in Canada. Their web site says that they don't expect these to be used in the mainstream; they are more for backup and countries without health systems.

The idea of a Slack Channel is new to me but maybe not to engineers.
The idea of a control panel and computer control will be new to everyone for each model. I don't know if there is a way of making a more mechanical machine that is more self-evident in the way it works, with a pendulum perhaps.