Friday, 16 March 2012

I now have two boots products on my front page, with variations. It's the typing of products with commas between them in a little box somewhere that does the trick. In the course of uploading these products in 12 sizes I seem to have uploaded twelve identical pictures too.

Meanwhile I want to do funky 360 degree spins. How to get there?

Step one: search hard disk and email archive for previus attempts. Find on the web and an email refernce to me buying their magiczoom thing 4 years ago. It doesn't do image spins but anything that's better than two mis-shapen photos of shoes would be a start. Do I have a username or whatever it takes? I've installed the zip module from the web and nothing happens. Maybe I need to find out more.

Step two: search for free alternatives and find Professer Cloud, who's work is Drupalised on by Nicholas Thompson. There is some complication about adding lines of code because of a fear of MIT licences. This is frustrating because I am poking in hope of success rather than understanding what I do, and any complication makes success very unlikely.

On the subject of frustration, I saw that Professer Cloud's work is used on a number of sites and happened to pick one with a very good video educational video for Boyz: Click somewhere away from work and non-boyz who might be unsympathetic
PS If I have got another boy into trouble for posting this link, may I say in his defence that this is mainly a blog about highly productive software which with time and effort can sometimes be self-taught and developed to do more than Word, like run the Whitehouse web site or whatever. So this isn't a rude site your colleague / spouse / pupil was watching, honest. These things are serious to us boyz and deserve a link, that's all.

The various servers I've been testing Drupal on tend to run out of space and memory, so subtleties are abandoned until I learn how to work Drupal on my own hard disk, develop, and then upload. The first part is explained by Tom Geller on a post below called "getting started". I managed last night, but this morning can't see how to retrace steps and get the site on the screen

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