Monday, 6 August 2012

Shipping modules now exist!

Two years ago I gave-up on Ubercart because I couldn't use the shipping module outside the US.
Things have got better. makes it possible to allocate each of the hundred or more countries to a zone, such as the ones your post office uses when charging for parcels. I only discovered this a day or two ago and spent an Olympic weekend allocating every single country I could find on my post office's web site a zone. was released yesterday by Andrew Foulston. Released for Drupal Commerce, it is not rejected by Ubercart and makes a data selector show-up under a Royal Mail heading (I discover that grey data on the drop-down menus is linked to other data selections, and forget quite how many clicks it took to find this).

Now, to get the last of my data out of ubercart global quotes I have tried disabling it and now even uninstalling it. And reinstalling it. Computer says no.


  1. I am not sure whether Royal Mail Zone needs Global Shipping Quotes. Quite likely not but I have used them both to be on the safe side. The Royal Mail Zone system was un-intuitive to use at first which could be why my test failed. You have to add a condition to a shipping quote, which opens a dialog about various bits of data. They grey ones can be clicked on to reveal more. Royal mail gets a heading and a white bit of data "zone exists". Once selected, a drop-down menu appears I think at the bottom of the page offering UK, Europe, or World zone 1 and World zone 2.

  2. The two modules do not stop each other working, but they don't work together either


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