Friday, 17 May 2013

Why is this difficult / videos v. forums v. blogs

A paid video about wordpress ecommerce mentions "so many people banging their heads against the wall in the forums" on some tricky point.

Free videos, made more quickly, do not even mention forums.

Forum posts cannot easily describe free videos either; they cannot write "the part about X at 6'32" doesn't make sense to me" because not many people would reply unless there is a transcript, and for some reason the videos such as Commerce Guy's videos on Vimeo do not have transcripts. This is a pity for
  • non-english speakers, who have trouble translating the less clear parts, and for
  • english speakers like me who have trouble asking for help in a forum and saying where stuck.
I have tried posting in Drupal Commerce forums and got no response. If I transcribe a video there, it looks a bit weird and out of place and probably gets deleted; if I post it here on a blog and link, it looks like an attempt at self publicity and gets ignored (or deleted). So the two ways of learning about Drupal Commerce do not interact; makers of videos do not know where their explanations are tricky, and writers on forums cannot help each other by referring to the right parts of videos.


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