Monday, 10 June 2013

Why is this difficult / expectations for minimum basic shipping

Transcribing a video about Drupal Commerce shipping options, I thought I might be on to something.
A couple of days later I tried to follow the instructions myself and soon discovered that the video describes a simple case, but that other modules exist on the site and here:

The trouble is that the ones for a shipping matrix by weight and destination or perhaps courier are not finished.
One has a dozen or so users.
One has sixty but writes that the project was halted; there is no user interface, bugs are acknowledged but it is for another maintainer to sort them.
Those of us who are not in the states obviously need this module more than shopping cart authors need to get them written. To me, a shopping cart is not past alpha release unless it can ship to the home country, part of the world, and the rest of the world on three different weight scales alongside a few more for different kinds of delivery. This is what I already have on my simple entry-level shopping cart from mals-e commerce which allows 5 types of delivery that can be subdivided according to price or a value that you add to each order form link for weight. Paypal's free shopping cart links probably offers something similar. If you pay a small subscription to mal's you get more options, but most settle for this entry level.

Obviously, to open source software developers in the states, it is OK to release something and watch people write additional modules that they explain as being un-finished because a project fell-though and they are short of time.

So: back to watching this video about how to sell things for $0 shipping in Colorado and $10 shipping in the rest of the world, which happens to be the USA. Until I can find an open source shopping cart system that started in Europe.

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