Friday, 9 January 2015

matched betting

notes to self

"Any Google search will bring up matched betting sites, such as and They will pinpoint virtually every single free bet offer available. They also give you a list of the best qualifying bets related to the various bookmaker promotions. You are told how much to bet, which bookmaker to place the transaction with, how much to "lay" with Betfair, and what your overall profit will be. They will also let you know if your partner can access the free bets, too."

"While there are different promotions available, I tended to avoid ones larger than free £50 bets– because the larger the bet, the more strings attached, such as convertibility.

For example, some online sports books may offer the matched betting to only
  • new players, and only to discover there is a turn over of 3X or greater before they can withdraw. In other cases, sports books that also promote online casinos or poker, may  add terms to the matched bet whereby the
  • free bet winnings can only be converted over to other games before withdrawing.
Thus the bookies are using this to entice new players or winback of lapsed players, and keep the money in the house by increasing the probability of losing the money in an online poker game, or in the casino, or better yet, having to turn over the money X fold on other wagers…all significantly increasing the probability you lose the free money."
"It’s also a good idea to check the terms and conditions, because sometimes you might find hidden strings there. Keep track of all your bets, as well as all the usernames and passwords you create in a spreadsheet or a notebook."One guide site puts the offers this way.
  1. Place bet and then receive a free bet
  2. Place a bet and then if your bet loses, you receive another bet
  3. Cash bonuses which require rolling over a certain number of times "roll over"
Coming back to this in 2018 I still haven't tried matched betting. At a glance on search engines, the market seems to be more clear-cut than when I first blogged, with free bets links common, arbitrage calculators occasionally available free, and anything more sophisticated paid-for at £1 for the first month and then £15-20-ish a month.

Free odds comparison calculators are on looks the most sophisticated at a glance
Save the student
Matched Betting Blog

The paid for sites are reviewed on  - from a left menu found on "toggle menu"

Going back a few years, the sites mentioned now charge I guess. - closed has 46 offers and - someone has taken over the old domain and transferred it to Bookieninja, a basic wordpress site and list of special offer adds I can't quite see what this is about

or just try search engines"free+bet""free+bet"&cc=gb"free+bet"
Sites to know about and probably avoid - matchedbook bad on any but the biggest market;
  • Stan James bad
  • Coral bad
  • Totesports bad. - can be set for just UK ones
Reasons people dislike the sites can be reduced with this checklist
Arbitrage can be profitable, even at UK facing bookies but you have to be selective over what you bet on.

You will quickly get gubbed (account closed) if you do any of the following:
A) Arb large bets on anything except soccer / tennis (e.g. NFL,NBA,NHL)
B) Bet over £200 / £250 on back bets at a single UK bookie per event
C) Take massive arbs (7%+) that are obvious mistakes or lines that are completely out of line D) Contact Customer Support for any reason and have a person actually look at your bets (To say cancel a bet if you do it wrong)
E) Bet on Non-UK 3rd division teams etc. (£200 on Argentinian 4th division team to win 1-0 is suicide)

I have actually salvaged a couple of limited account (due to MatchBetting and breaking rule (E) above when I was inexperienced) and got them completely unrestricted again through sensible arbing. Other accounts like BetFred/PaddyPower/Bet365 will in all liklehood Gub you no matter what you do as they just hate anyone who consistently finds value in their odds. In the case of those bookies make hay while the sun shines IMHO.
One thing you notice from the blog post is that some people try to carry-on making money from arbitrage even after the special offers run-out. Maybe they're ones who get spotted.

There is less matching, if any, for bingo and roulette for reasons that are probably obvious to people who know about this stuff; it is sports and events that provide the matched bets on and that leads to another point- the sites that allow bets the other way

Sites to know about has a column called "exchange" which quotes
  • betfair most
  • matchbook several times a day
  • smarkets several times a day (the dark banner that's hard to read)
  • betdaq once on the day I looked (a purple banner)
Cashback on these various sites is good, with the mainstream P2P markets the best places to note at the top of a list. The Guardian article says that the free offers run-out; you can make £20 an hour for a while but then get nothing. (If the style of this reads as notes-to-self, that's because it is a set of notes to self, but written on an old post of a blog to promote the shop that sells vegan shoes online, mainly made in the uk.)

This one has a step-by-step guide. The first is jargon. I am on to the second about Betfair, the largest supplier of bets the other way ("lay bets" in the jargon, apparently) which isn't the cheapest but will probably have to be used. You'll notice that I post afffilate links to Betfair; if you can find some way to sign-up through a free introductory offer, that might be better. You can join the schemes - Topcashback & Quidco - through the links to each site below below.

As someone who has written about this matched betting thing but not done it, I suppose I am a likely customer for the sites which charge fifteen pounds a month to take you through the process step by step. Their names are Oddsmonkey (premium), Profit Squirrel, and Profit Accumulator. A search for those names together will get some reviews and seems to do the comparisons very neatly.

Where were we? Free-to-use sites for the more organised and adventurous.
The site has a nifty way of finding the exact bet and match on eg betfair and one of a dropdown list.

The cashback sites have offers on casinos: Betfair: TCB; Betdaq: Immutual; Smarkets; none.
Topcashback plus is a special deal for people who expect to earn more than £100 a year on its site
(£5 membership + hassle of cancelling - extra 5% on earnings and quicker payouts / customer service)
I don't know why my notes also list cashback site links to sports bookmakers below - why separate?

Looking at the betting markets, most of the events seem to be a month or more away - like who will be president of the USA. I suppose that's an extra reason to bet on sports. There is a sports betting calander links to

Both give an idea of what people are gambling on although I am still not sure. It says things like "wimbledon" and "Iceland v France" so I suppose a google would help.

As someone who has posted this stuff online but not got-around to doing it for a year or two, I suppose I might sign-up to one of the sites that's cheap for a week and then charges £15 a month. I think they are callled

  • £35 cashback + 343 shares
    888 Sport

  • £17.50 cashback + 420 shares

  • Betbrain
  • £21 cashback + 200 shares
  • up to £20 cashback + 300 shares
    Betfair sports
  • up to £15.50 cashback + 150 shares
    Football Pools

  • Ladbrokes
  • £20 cashback + 200 shares

  • £7.50 cashback + 200 shares
    Paddy Power Sportsbook
  • SeanieMac Suspended
  • Smarkets
  • Victor Chandler (VC Bet)

  • £20 cashback + 320 shares
    10Bet Sports Cashback Exclusive
    Exploding onto the online sports bookmaking scene in 2003, 10Bet has quickly established itself as one of the premiere international bookmakers in the - search for their ".../sportsbook" url & heading. Joining through this link can earn you £1 .

    Betfair Sportsbook FASTER PAYING

    £10 cashback Exclusive

    Ladbrokes Sportsbook

    £30 cashback Exclusive


    £50 cashback

    Titan Bet Casino

    £26.50 cashback Increased

    Football Index

    £12 cashback


    Up to £25 cashback

    10Bet Sports

    £10 cashback - nothing shows for gambling and their offers of a few pence for surveys all end "no surveys available" after getting a bit of free information - UK - more fancy than the mainstream - 2%
    I- click for no money T- no Q-
    Matchbook of Alderney charges 1% for loosing or winning. US sport and some UK?
    I- T- Q- - Alderny and Dublin - now merged with Ladbrooks and charge 5% of winnings
    I- T- Q- - UK - now merged with Paddy Power  and charge 5% of winnings
    I- T- Q- - NZ

    Searching for the names together leads to this guide

    Software called Geekstoy is free for Betdaq and Matchbook, but using it uses-up your free trial for Betfair which appears to be where most of the bet matches are found, to judge from the freebets4all site.

    Looking back a few months later I discover

    There are some notes in progress about bitcoin, that works for these matched betting sites and special offers


    Rare to find a sign-up bonus, so there is no point except that one or two gambling sites let you take a part of their winnings if you find their bankroll.

    I'm not sure why I noted this list a few months ago (go through a link on the right to get UK compatible ones?)
    - link to each site's promotions page only mentions 3 btc ones
    - claims a 5btc exclusive bonus on their cloudbet signup link
    - reviews 5dimes n/a to UK - estimates commission rates

    Just some early discoveries written-down - US - free - Dublin - Bitcoin "prediction" - 108 sport events - fees - OK review -
    /us/deposit-bonus/ - $35 signup bonus or €18 for a deposit now has minimum $300 withdrawal even by bitcoin. Previously in Simonblogspark
    Cloudbet - players from my juristiction are forbidden - 5BT loyalty bonus if I can find a way
    Betmoose - same
    Anonibet - same - same


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