Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Commerce Kickstart 2 works on my hard disc now

Commerce Kickstart 2 works on my hard disc now,
very slowly, but seems to speed-up a little bit now the cache is turned-on

Installation was very very slow. It takes a lot of pottering-about and avoiding the computer while blue bars work their way from left to right across the screen over an hour or so.

Installation of the full Kickstart 2 with core Drupal installed a slightly older version of Drupal core.

Discoveries or methods: Drupal Core can be unpacked on the desktop
(with anything except windows unzipping utility which can change file names)

Every drupal standard file can be cut-and-pasted in one go over the top of your old Drupal Core installation.
(non standard files are in the "sites" folder which should not be cut and pasted)
(there are probably other complications, but this method worked for me to replace a new old Drupal with a new new Drupal within a version number)

Experiments that didn't work.
Tweaking the auto-installed Aquia Drupal didn't work. I couldn't get rid of all their bits from the control panel, nor cut-and-paste over them in the folder.

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