Saturday, 20 October 2012

/q=user (when locked out after trying to replace drupal core)

Upgrading Drupal Core. Why? Because the machine told me to, and because I can't upgrade Kickstarter 1 to Kickstarter 2 and an old Drupal Core might be the reason.

How to upgrade? I've forgotten. It's about moving a bunch of default files to the right directory, which you have to be able to find, and changing "default.settings.php" to "settings.php" with a line changed to "TRUE" instead of "FALSE" if you are locked out of your site. I can't keep track of what I've done or explain it, but after a day searching for any files with "TRUE" or "FALSE" in them on my hard disc and changing about all of them, I was still locked out until finding this post: which suggests as a way to log-on.

It only works on one of my sites.
The site is still using the old version of Drupal core which I thought I had deleted.
But something has happened, anyway.


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